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Debris elevator

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Debris elevator

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1, control system using PLC control, microcomputer control, serial communication (optional), frequency control (optional).
2, the configuration of the special elevator traction machine.
Special door slide 3, the introduction of Italy technology.
4, mechanical and electrical integration of the door lock upgrade - the main and secondary locking device (original imports) with the electric locking system more secure and reliable.
All components, 5 layer door, door and door device are assembled and debugged the whole factory, car door (optional) of all assembly and system are assembled and debugged the whole factory.
6, the allocation of special waterproof, oil proof sundries elevator buttons and digital display call box.
7, the elevator frame is made of high quality steel cold rolled once molding, increase the strength of the elevator structure, installation is more time, more convenient.
8, the allocation of debris elevator type solid rail - rail drawing T.
9, open the door for the electric lock manually up and down the door.

Prominent feature:

1, the door machine system, and then with the replacement of the assembly after the assembly of the overall system, not only improve the quality of the installation, but also reduce the rate of failure of the elevator.
2, call box button and display the water repellent function more with the special working environment of debris elevator requirements.



Prominent feature:

1, using the German original import double electrical interlocking device (that is, the main and secondary lock control) with a lock and detection of dual function.
2, electric lock door machine system to replace the traditional door lock control, to avoid the elevator running in the car door knife.
3, the application of aluminum alloy floor, completely solve the car out of the car in the process of wheel pressing the door leading to the serious problem of deformation.
4, the hall door for double folding door, take up space.
5, the depth of the pit can be more than 500mm.
6, this kind of door is not required and restricted to the height of the floor.
The 7 layer door, door and door device layer door all system components are assembled in the factory after the commissioning of the whole factory, on-site installation without any adjustment, improve the installation quality and speed.
8, outside the lock device is set to the emergency use of power failure is very convenient.

The standard car door:

Open the door way: the hall door uses the double door to fold the side open type, the car door is the pull type guard rail door.
Scope of application: floor type (cart type)


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