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Machineroomless passenger elevator

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Machineroomless passenger elevator

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Flat layer accuracy
The accuracy of the leveling layer can be controlled within the millimeter range.
Open the door from the big
Adopt the multiple folding type door structure to achieve the maximum opening width, which is convenient for the large volume of goods resources in and out.
The car, which is made of high strength material, can carry all kinds of goods.
Permanent magnet synchronous traction machine without gear
Use of rare earth materials, the coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and computer control technology group combination of full integration, small operation cost, low energy loss, compared with the traditional technology, which can save energy by more than 30%.
No gear pulling machine without changing the oil, no oil pollution, low noise, quiet nature.
Machineroomless elevator:
The Great Wall machineroomless elevator adopts gearless dragging technology advanced permanent magnet synchronous, so no deceleration device, so as to improve the layout of the elevator hoistway.
The weight and the volume of the gear without gear are light and small. Saving space, greatly improving the performance and quality of machine roomless elevator, reduced the failure rate.




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