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Main parts of passenger lift

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Main parts of passenger lift

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Gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine

Gearless elevator, directly by the permanent magnet, high speed, large torque synchronous gearless traction machine drives, compared with the traditional elevator traction machine, gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine has many unique advantages:

Save space

Gearless traction machine has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, creating the available space, more room floor height is greatly reduced for the user, effectively reduces the cost of buildings.

Energy conservation

Gearless traction machine adopts rare-earth permanent magnetic materials, no additional stator excitation current, which can make the motor power factor is greatly improved; the design of no gear drive compact, replace the gearbox and the driving gear coupling mode of the traditional traction machine, thus greatly improve the transmission efficiency, the running efficiency compared with the traditional gear the system is improved by more than 50%. Motor itself heat energy consumption is very low, combined with advanced frequency conversion control technology, so that the entire system has a significant energy saving effect.

Green environmental protection

No lubrication system of complex gearless traction machine thoroughly solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by the leakage of the traditional traction machine, to achieve the requirements of environmental protection and maintenance free lift, at the same time, the electromagnetic filter eliminates mutual interference and other electrical systems in buildings between, to avoid electromagnetic pollution to the surrounding environment, users bring green space.

Quiet and durable

On the one hand, no mechanical wear, vibration and noise reduction mechanism of gearless traction machine; on the other hand, gearless traction machine adopts direct drive motor in low speed, stable operation, no operation step phenomenon at 0.2r/min speed, lift noise is less than or equal to 51dB; to eliminate the noise and vibration phenomenon, to ensure that the rare earth permanent magnet traction efficient, durable, durable machine.

Safe and secure

Brake professional design directly on the motor traction wheel, can ensure the reliable elevator stopped in all cases, no upward overspeed protective device should be equipped with special, fundamentally guarantee the safety, let users rest assured.



Elevator controller

Technical characteristics:

1, short story station automatic identification;
2, only 2 sets of elevator group control algorithm easily with 3 communication lines;
3, based on 8 sets of the elevator group control theory of fuzzy control algorithm;
4, flexible 48VDC or 220VAC power input power input and rescue plan;
5, the real distance control as the principle of direct docking technology, N curve automatic generation;
6, built in 60 fault discrimination, and store multiple fault information and time, maintenance at a glance;
7, multi CPU redundant control, integrated advanced Canbus, Modbus, GSM communication technology;
8, built in accurate real-time clock, providing a wealth of time sharing control functions, to facilitate the realization of intelligent building control;
9, hand-held control device, small keyboard, PDA, PC and so on to provide a full range of products to facilitate debugging.


Elevator door opening machine

The selection of frequency conversion door machine, switching speed free scheduling, door machine system design, the whole system is solid, the VVVF inverter control technology, iperation curve can be adjusted, safe and reliable operation, no noise.

Synchronous belt drive, the design is simple, the structure is light, beautiful and generous;
Light weight, convenient installation and debugging;
VVVF closed loop control of the whole computer, running more smoothly, without any position switch;
Self learning door width, forever memory, the door machine performance parameters by the digital panel precise setting;
The function and attribute of the input / output terminal can be set by the digital panel, and the application is more flexible;
The door machine controller passes through the strict EMI/EMC and the dynamic aging test, the operation is more reliable;
Offline (panel) debugging can simulate the elevator open / close the actual situation, the debugging is simple;
The system comes with the closing and operating torque limit function, the operation is stable and reliable, no noise.


Lift the infra-red curtain

With perfect self checking function: when the photoelectric protection device is lost or its own fault, to ensure that the control of the electric appliance does not send out the wrong information;
Strong anti-interference ability, good anti-interference ability of the electromagnetic signal, strobe light, arc welding and the surrounding light source;
The service life is long: the relay output frequency is more than 1 million times, and the relay can be replaced after the service life;
Has a good seismic performance: components welding using SMD technology, and there are a number of seismic measures;
The minimum height of the detected object is 500mm, the effective height of the detector is 1670mm;
Effective detection range 0~3000mm, anti light test 100000LuX;
Advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient and durable。

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