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Main components of passenger elevator

Protect humanity with the standards of The Times. Great Wall high-end business passenger elevator, luxury configuration, smooth operation, from the integrated control panel to the oversized, ultra-high luxury car, inject modern design concept and environmental psychology analysis, make the whole space more vivid coordination.

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Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

The gearless elevator is directly driven by a high efficiency, low speed, large torque permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine. Compared with the traditional elevator traction machine, the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine has many unique advantages:

Space saving

The gearless traction machine has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume and light weight, creating more floor space for users, greatly reducing the height of the machine room, and effectively reducing the building cost.

energy conservation

The gearless traction machine adopts rare earth permanent magnet material, which does not need additional stator excitation current, and can greatly improve the motor power factor; The compact gearless driving mode replaces the reduction gearbox and coupling in the traditional gear traction machine driving mode, thus greatly improving the transmission efficiency and increasing the operating efficiency by more than 50% compared with the traditional gear system. The heat energy consumption of the motor itself is very low. Combined with advanced frequency conversion control technology, the whole system has significant energy saving effect.

Green and environmental protection

The gearless traction machine does not need a complex lubrication system, which completely solves the environmental pollution problem caused by oil leakage of the traditional traction machine, and meets the maintenance free environmental requirements of the elevator. At the same time, the electromagnetic filter eliminates the mutual interference with other electrical systems in the building, avoids electromagnetic pollution, and brings green space to the surrounding environment of users.

Quiet and durable

On the one hand, the gearless traction machine has no wear, vibration and noise of the mechanical reduction mechanism; On the other hand, the gearless traction machine adopts the direct drive mode, the motor runs stably at low speed, and there is no stepping phenomenon when running at the speed of 0.2r/min, and the elevator noise is ≤ 51dB; The phenomenon of vibration and noise is eliminated, and the rare earth permanent magnet ensures the high efficiency, durability and durability of the traction machine.

Safe and secure

The professionally designed brake directly acts on the motor traction wheel, which can ensure the reliable braking and stopping of the elevator under all circumstances. It does not need to be equipped with a special uplink overspeed protection device, which fundamentally ensures safety and reassures users.



Elevator controller

Technical characteristics:

1. Short landing station automatically identifies moving train;
2. The group control algorithm of 2 elevators can be easily realized with only 3 communication lines;
3. The group control algorithm of less than 8 elevators based on fuzzy control theory;
4. Flexible 48VDC or 220VAC power input power outage rescue scheme;
5. Direct docking technology that truly takes distance control as the principle, and N curves are automatically generated;
6. Built in 60 fault discrimination, and stored multiple fault information and time, making maintenance clear at a glance;
7. Multi CPU redundancy control, integration of advanced Canbus, Modbus and GSM communication technologies;
8. The built-in accurate real-time clock provides rich time-sharing control functions to facilitate intelligent control of buildings;
9. Handheld controller, keypad, PDA, upper computer, etc. provide convenient debugging methods for the whole series of products.


Elevator door opener

The selected frequency conversion gantry crane is adopted, and the switching speed can be freely scheduled. The gantry crane system is ingeniously designed, and the whole system is solid and reliable. The VVVF frequency conversion control technology is adopted, and the gantry crane operation curve can be adjusted at will, which is safe, reliable and noise free.
Synchronous belt transmission, simple design, light structure, elegant appearance;
Light weight, easy installation and debugging;
Full computer VVVF closed-loop control, more stable operation, without any position switch;
Self learning door width, permanent memory, door motor performance parameters are precisely set by the digital panel;
The functions and attributes of input/output terminals can be set by the digital panel for more flexible application;
The portal crane controller has passed strict EMI/EMC and dynamic aging test, and its operation is more reliable;
Offline (panel) debugging can simulate the actual situation of elevator door opening/closing, and debugging is simple;
The system is equipped with door closing and operating torque limiting functions, which ensures stable and reliable operation without noise.


Elevator infrared light curtain

It has perfect self inspection function: when the photoelectric protection device loses power or its own fault occurs, it ensures that no error message is sent to the controlled electrical appliance;
Strong anti-interference ability: good anti-interference ability to electromagnetic signal, stroboscopic light, welding arc light and surrounding light sources;
Long service life: the effective output times of the relay are more than 1 million, and the relay can be replaced after reaching the service life;
It has good seismic performance: SMD technology is used for component welding, and a number of seismic measures are taken;
The minimum detected object height is 500mm, and the effective detected object height is 1670mm;
Effective detection distance: 0~3000mm, light resistance test: 100000Lux;
Advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient and durable.

For more than 30 years, the company has accumulated a lot of experience in design, manufacturing, installation, repair, maintenance and other aspects. Relying on scientific and rigorous quality management system, the company has developed a series of cost-effective products that are well received by customers. The main production and installation: passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, hospital bed elevator, passenger and freight elevator, car elevator, sunglass elevator, escalator and automatic sidewalk, lifting equipment and other types of elevator, lifting equipment and related accessories products. Products are sold all over the country, has established a perfect sales network and after-sales service network throughout the country, 24 hours a day to respond to customer service needs.


China's elevator industry, is experiencing the transformation from product technology to safety services, the Great Wall elevator, has been adhering to the "safety of the Great Wall, enjoy the excellent joy" product development concept, determined to "intelligent building of China's elevator heart peak", with service, build the Great Wall of China's elevator.

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