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Utility elevator

Protect humanity with the standards of The Times. Great Wall high-end business passenger elevator, luxury configuration, smooth operation, from the integrated control panel to the oversized, ultra-high luxury car, inject modern design concept and environmental psychology analysis, make the whole space more vivid coordination.

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Product Details

1. The control system adopts PLC control, microcomputer control, serial communication (optional) and frequency conversion speed regulation (optional).
2. A special towing machine is provided for the utility elevator.
3. Special door slide with Italian technology.
4. Upgrading the door lock of electromechanical integration hall - the main and auxiliary double locking devices (imported with original packaging) are safer and more reliable with the electric locking system.
5. All components such as landing door, door pocket and landing door device are assembled and debugged before leaving the factory as a whole. All components such as car door (optional) and door system are also assembled and debugged before leaving the factory as a whole.                               
6. Equipped with special waterproof and oil proof buttons and digital display outbound call box for utility elevators.
7. The elevator frame is formed by cold rolling high-quality steel plate, which increases the structural strength of the elevator and saves time and is more convenient for installation.
8. Equipped with special track for utility elevator - cold drawn T-shaped solid rail.
9. The door opening mode is electric unlocking and manual up and down straight opening.


1. The upgrading of the door machine system, combined with the floor door system after assembly and commissioning, not only improves the installation quality, but also reduces the elevator failure rate.
2. The waterproof and oil proof functions of the call box button and the digital display better match the special working environment requirements of the utility elevator.




1. The double electrical interlocking device imported from Germany (i.e. the main and auxiliary double lock control) is adopted, which has double functions of locking and detection.
2. The electric locking door machine system replaces the traditional door knife unlocking control and avoids the problem of car scratching the door knife during elevator operation.
3. The application of aluminum alloy sill completely solves the serious problem of deformation caused by the wheel pressing down the door when the handcart enters and exits the lift car.
4. The hall door is a double leaf folding door, occupying small space.
5. Pit depth ≥ 500mm is enough.
6. This door opening mode has no requirements and restrictions on floor height.
7. All door system components such as landing door, door pocket and landing door device are assembled and debugged in the factory before leaving the factory as a whole. No adjustment is required during on-site installation, which improves the installation quality and speed.
8. The external unlocking device is very convenient for emergency use of power failure.

Standard car door:

Door opening mode: hall door adopts double leaf folding side opening type, and car door adopts pull-up guardrail door.
Scope of application: floor type (trolley type)


For more than 30 years, the company has accumulated a lot of experience in design, manufacturing, installation, repair, maintenance and other aspects. Relying on scientific and rigorous quality management system, the company has developed a series of cost-effective products that are well received by customers. The main production and installation: passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, hospital bed elevator, passenger and freight elevator, car elevator, sunglass elevator, escalator and automatic sidewalk, lifting equipment and other types of elevator, lifting equipment and related accessories products. Products are sold all over the country, has established a perfect sales network and after-sales service network throughout the country, 24 hours a day to respond to customer service needs.


China's elevator industry, is experiencing the transformation from product technology to safety services, the Great Wall elevator, has been adhering to the "safety of the Great Wall, enjoy the excellent joy" product development concept, determined to "intelligent building of China's elevator heart peak", with service, build the Great Wall of China's elevator.

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